My Six Priorities

Bringing People Together

It's time for our leaders to stop pointing fingers and start working together. Here in Jackson, we are all just trying to make life better for our families and our community. We need cooperation at all levels of government—city, county, state, and federal—if we are going to thrive. We need our government to work for all of our working families, students, seniors, and communities. Because when we work together, we all win.


The path to a good job is a good education. By educating our children we give them the opportunity to succeed in life. We need good schools for students, no matter where they live or how much money their families make. All of our students deserve a teacher who is capable and caring, and our teachers need a classroom with enough resources for every student. Education needs to be a top budget priority. 

And the truth is, every student needs some type of training or education beyond high school in order to afford a successful future and get ahead. Technical training, community college, four-year college— there are good options for every student and every career. We need to invest in and promote post-secondary education in all forms to ensure our workforce has the skills necessary to compete.

Fighting for Working Families

Our economy may be doing better, but many families are working more than ever just to get by—let alone get ahead. Too many of us are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to pay for essentials. As the daughter of a low-income family that sometimes struggled to pay the bills, I know the difficulties working families face. 

People deserve a fair return on the work that they do, especially if they are working overtime. No family that works 40 hours a week should struggle to put food on the table. In Lansing, I'll fight for working families and make sure that they’re able to get ahead. 


Join us